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The dataset consists of 160,000 images of 100 class sundries (miscellaneous products). A total of 80,000 images are available for training and testing. The classification task for 100 classes is considerably more difficult than that for 50 classes, because each product has a similar confusing product. Each image involves meta-data regarding the environment: illumination conditions, camera angle, and product conditions. Artificial domain shifts can be created using these meta-data.


DAISO-100 url list

resize_images0.tar (md5:a1b038496ee733275f4cdf9e87559ec7) 1.1GB

resize_images1.tar (md5:282dd3a9adfac65cf289551d78989708) 994MB

resize_images2.tar (md5:9b9f90806652b52ea798e31abd7dc118) 1006MB

resize_images3.tar (md5:f05b478a37d373c69f639cdc8182fe30) 999MB

resize_images4.tar (md5:ed50e8ce9712ae78f678b0691f281736) 971MB

resize_images5.tar (md5:a7b5cfcce8635780855881de3fb9e0ea) 1.1GB

resize_images6.tar (md5:108e43a9f568c9f5fa54188bd9e47a18) 1006MB

resize_images7.tar (md5:8fcdff482c2e9c0b6dbc3b742b3dabf7) 1017MB

resize_images8.tar (md5:9e9990238d2994c07563554cd82823d7) 1004MB

resize_images9.tar (md5:41c2988d25670f0f7c790a1860b81b29) 984MB

image_lists.tar.gz (md5:b100b880020c8dca8f90184ec4429f9b) 866KB

DAISO-100 (other data)

catalog.tar (md5:bcea2411c032b96b5aafa896e4640523) 21MB

front_images.tar (md5:eadb3eaf9cb774ecd50268d9725f4e77) 292MB

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The sundries photographed in this dataset are products of DAISO. We would like to thank Daiso Industries Co., Ltd. for allowing us to make this dataset publicly available.


CC0 All data is licensed under CC0